Merchant Intelligence Hub

Welcome to your personal payment platform that gives you an overview of all your company’s payment transactions.

Stay up to date

The dashboard shows all the KPI's for your transactions and there are more details in the individual lists and reports.

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See all daily cut-offs

See all daily cut-offs to post the takings.

Match transactions

With the descriptors of transaction type, trace number, date and a time stamp, every transaction is unique.

Create reports

Export transactions lists in PDF or CSV format at any time.

Live tracking, analysis and optimisation

In the Merchant Intelligence Hub you control your stores, terminals, payment types and transactions in real time.

Fast access to all transactions

At store level you can see the transactions made at every terminal in all the detail you need.

Helpful response codes

Response codes and action recommendations are provided so that your checkout staff and support personnel can respond faster.

Intelligent filter and search functions

Use the filter or search functions to isolate transactions and find what you’re looking for faster.

Add payment methods

At store level you can supplement your payment methods to include your customer’s preferred payment methods.

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