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Women at Paymenttools - An Inventory (Part 1)

The fintech industry is forward-looking - or so one would think. However, the figures with regard to gender equality show a different truth. In the first of two parts, we take a look at the status quo when it comes to gender equality in payment tools.

4 min
Why we want to make ‘payment’ less complicated

People tend to make things complicated. But sometimes the simplest solution is the best and that's why we want to uncomplicate payment.

3 min
We are proud to present: Lars Hofmann

Senior Sales Manager Lars not only brings the product to the man and woman, but also supports with his expertise. We asked him eight questions.

3 min
work culture

We all have to work. That's the way it is in life. But that doesn't mean that having fun at work is impossible. Find out how we work at Paymenttools in this article.

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