Complete payment

Paymenttools bundles all the functions you need for smooth payment transactions. Bye bye slo-mo.

Adios limited payment options

Paymenttools supports all current payment methods – online and in-store. Thanks to its modular design, it can incorporate as many payment options as you like.

Be suuuper flexible

Experience new freedom in payment. Get online insights into all transactions. And you simply configure the most important settings for your e-commerce and in-store payments yourself. Anywhere, anytime.

Self-service that’s fun

Checking out the retailer portal will be new highlight of your day. It has all the tools and functions you need to keep track of your payments and make lightning-fast optimisations.

An individual checkout look

You can have all the design freedom you want. Simply adapt the checkout to your shop and take your customers on a convincing customer journey.

More hard facts on software

Secure payment processes

Europe-wide acquiring and PCI DSS certification ensure the security of all transactions

API integrations

Flexible integration in existing system environments

Technology-first approach

Fast and stable payments processing

Payment methods

Set up your personal payment methods mix. After all, you know your customers best.

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Configure your terminals on a plug & play basis.

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Retailer portal

In the retailer portal you have an overview of your transactions, stores and terminals.

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Discover the world of payment and everything else about our payment platform.