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We believe in
simple payments

Our roots are in retail

We bring together a lot of experience. Decades of experience in payment transactions at the REWE Group, to be precise. We have a retail background, we understand retail and our payment platform is a custom-made tool for the retail industry.
A billion completed transactions every year prove that we are a driving force in payment transactions. We are powered by a team of the best payment and IT experts in the REWE Group.
The combination of solid retail, payment and technology expertise makes us a reliable partner for every retailer.

Committed to making
payment processes better

We offer a payment platform that is completely flexible, quick and easy to integrate and provides retailers with genuine added value.

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Retailers and their stories are our starting point. We’re changing the payment transactions landscape by simplifying payments, rethinking processes, services and functions.
We want to make payments clear, transparent and convenient – and so much more than just a tedious task. To make that happen, we regularly think outside the box.
Our omnichannel platform bundles the payment transactions taking place across all channels. So every login is fun.

Numbers are our thing

Simplifying payments

The platform for simple

We share the same goal: to provide a simple payment solution covering all aspects of the payment transactions market.
Paymenttools will serve as a central payment hub for retailers. It will process transactions across all channels, seamlessly because we’re breaking down all boundaries.
We want our work to shape the way people pay for their purchases in the future. By giving them the choice of how to pay. And because we already know from our customers how they make that possible, we can always support them with the right functions and services. The core is our technology is key: it can be scaled incredibly quickly so that we can drive the day after tomorrow’s developments today.

“Retailer needs are our priority. That’s what makes our partnership so special.”

Maximilian Kaczor
Talent Acquisition Manager