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Transactions 22: we were there!

On 17 November 22, the third Transactions took place in Offenbach (Frankfurt am Main) and Paymenttools was there as a sponsor for the first time.

by Maik Klotz, 2022-11-23
2 min

On 17 November 22, the third Transactions took place in Offenbach (Frankfurt am Main) and Paymenttools was there for the first time as a sponsor. For us, it was not only an opportunity to raise awareness of our brand, but also a welcome opportunity to talk about the developments in the payment, banking and digitalisation industry.

For one day, Transactions 22 discussed trends, developments and the current practice of digital ecosystems and all the players involved. The core topics were of course payment and banking, but also topics beyond the horizon, such as tech, digitalisation and the platform economy were discussed here.

Top-class international speakers gave deep insights into innovative digitalisation projects, talked about successful implementation strategies, gave suggestions and presented unique solutions for the digital challenges of the payment and banking industry. And right in the middle: Paymenttools. But not just as a logo on a napkin, but as an active part of the discussion on stage. To this end, our CEO Salah Zayakh spoke on the panel of Sibylle Strack (Deutsche Bank BizBanking) with Hedi Krüger (Mastercard), Mirko Krauel (Otto Group), Mounaim Cortet (Innopay) and Julia Körffer-Höhne (Netflix) about the topic "Payment in upheaval: What moves the financial industry".

We have to think for the consumer

The core topic of the panel was the question to what extent the payment industry has changed - what impact do topics such as "buy now, pay later", Request2Pay or the digital euro have on payment transactions. Future developments in payment were also examined. "We have to think for consumers - so that we help them and don't stand in their way," said Salah Zayakh at the panel on the question of where the industry is heading. This sentence reflects our value proposition of Paymenttools 1to1 and picks up on our customer focus.

CEO Salah Zayakh at Transactions 22 (Photo: Julian Schulz)

Not only on, but also in front of the stage, we as Paymenttools were welcome talking guests and were able to hold some exciting conversations, e.g. in our own lounge, in the Paymenttools look & feel.

It was great fun for us. Special thanks go to Payment & Banking for organising the event, which was really something to behold. We hope to be part of this community again in the future. Last but not least, we are also happy to have been nominated for Fintech of the Year, even if it didn't work out in the end. Congratulations to Vermögensheld!

By the way: You can also read about the event! Payment & Banking has provided a live blog about it. 


(Photo: Julian Schulz)
(Photo: Julian Schulz)
(Photo: Julian Schulz)
(Photo: Maik Klotz)

Maik Klotz is a consultant, speaker and author specializing in banking, payment, digital identity, e-commerce and retail. He was profiled by the Süddeutsche Zeitung in the industry's "Influencer" series and moderates and speaks at many industry events. Maik is co-founder of Payment & Banking.

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