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Meet and Greet with Paymenttools

Would you like to get to know Paymenttools better and learn more about us? Great! You can meet us at the following events.

by Maik Klotz, 2022-03-02
3 min

Spring is just around the corner and there is a sweet scent in the air! The evolving pandemic
situation is allowing us to meet up again away from Google Meet, Zoom and Co and we are
slowly daring to expose our skin to real daylight again. In compliance with the important
hygiene protocols, more and more colleagues are venturing out of their home office and real
people can once again be seen in some of our offices.

We are a ‘pandemic-born company’ and we have learned how to work well together in the
digital world over recent months. All the same, there are limits and even though many things
can be sorted out via Slack and Google Meet or by email or phone, it is a different story for
certain matters. Especially when it comes to working in teams on a personal level, it is
always helpful to meet ‘in the flesh’.

Paymenttools can be met in person!

2022 we are at home outside

We have undertaken to actively go out in 2022 and get together more as a team, but also
meet other people in the industry. Where better to do this than at events – and we are happy
to be already actively taking part in some of them! Events are really important to us because
they help us to find new talent and generate interest in our company. We can meet potential
new customers in person and show them what we can do and we can talk to our partners
about how we can work together even better in the future.

JavaLand in Brühl

Anyone who wishes to meet us will have plenty of opportunity to do so over the coming
weeks. We will kick off this year with JavaLand. From 15 to 17 March, you can meet us in
Brühl on the grounds of Phantasialand. You can expect two fascinating days filled with talks,
community activities, workshops, idea sharing and networking on the subject of Java. The
traditional training day is held on the third day of the conference at JavaLand, giving you an
opportunity to really consolidate your learning. We are looking forward to being in the thick of things, both as an exhibitor and on the stage, with Christina Hartmann as a speaker!

Interested in meeting us there? Speak to us! We promise that you can’t miss us.

Cirque de Payer, the Payment Exchange 22 in Berlin

We move onto Berlin at the end of March. As sponsor of one of the most important events in
the payment industry, Payment Exchange 2022, we are looking forward to two days of talks and knowledge transfer. Here, too, we will not only be in front of the stage, but also on it with managing director Jens Kohnen and marketing manager Maik Klotz. We are looking forward to being a sponsor at Payment Exchange, which is being held under the motto ‘Cirque de Payer’ this year!

EHI Payment Kongress in Bonn

In May, you can also meet us at the EHI Payment Congress 2022. The traditional payment conference is taking place on 3 and 4 May in the old government building in Bonn. We will be there and not just to check and see whether the federal eagle is still hanging on the wall! Fancy getting to know Paymenttools? Anyone who is interested in meeting us at one of the events is welcome to speak to us! We look forward to meeting you!

Events where you can meet us over the coming weeks and months:

  • JavaLand (15 to 17 March) in Brühl.

  • Payment Exchange 22 (31 March to 1 April) in Berlin.

  • EHI Payment Congress 22 (3 to 5 May) in Bonn.

Maik Klotz is a consultant, speaker and author specializing in banking, payment, digital identity, e-commerce and retail. He was profiled by the Süddeutsche Zeitung in the industry's "Influencer" series and moderates and speaks at many industry events. Maik is co-founder of Payment & Banking.

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