Product Owner (m/f/d)

You will develop and be responsible for a fantastic payment solution for retailers.

Congratulations! Your search for a job is over. The best chapter of your professional life starts with this job offer.
 Modern payment methods are something quite wonderful. Apple Pay, PayPal, credit card – the list of payment options is long. Unfortunately, however, they can also present a jungle of problems. Do you always know exactly which payment method will work at the checkout? Sometimes you only need to place the card on the reader, other times you have to insert it. In some instances you have to sign your name, in others you have to enter your PIN. There are countless ways, but you only know which one is needed when it comes to actually paying.
 With paymenttools we are developing an innovative full-service platform that makes payment transactions as convenient as possible for customers and retailers all over Europe. We invite you to share in our vision and work with us.

​​​​​​Your tasks

  • You will assume entire corporate responsibility for your product and its budget
  • Successful continuous development of the products and services with the user in mind and geared towards the corporate strategy will be a matter of course for you 
  • You will enjoy actively assisting in the creation of the product portfolio
  • You will drive and evaluate innovative, economically viable and forward-looking production ideas in collaboration with your colleagues
  • The shaping of the product vision and the structured and prioritised road map will be coordinated and agreed upon by you in conjunction with everyone else involved. 
  • You will be responsible for the technical elaboration of the product backlog and the preparation and planning of the team-specific backlog in the interests of agile product development
  • You will also translate market, customer and company requirements into initiatives, sub-goals, epics and user stories for your own team and as part of cross-team planning activities
  • You will obtain and evaluate customer/user feedback and take it into account when developing products 
  • You will be the main, specialist contact person for service-specific data processing processes and links to other services
  • You will be responsible for the technical management of the team of developers 
  • You will maintain and operate the product 
  • You will enhance personal methodical excellence 
  • You will increase personal social skills 
  • In close cooperation with the architect, you will improve the efficiency of the cross-service data processing processes
  • You will ask intelligent questions, take risks and champion new ideas

Your experience

  • You identify with the maintained contractual capabilities and have extensive knowledge in this field
  • You are familiar with payment transactions, in-store and/or online
  • You can take on the role of an entrepreneur within the company
  • You have the ability to say ‘No’ and prioritise based on criteria and underlying conditions, you enjoy making decisions 
  • You embrace and convey a results- and goal-oriented approach to your work 
  • You can inspire your team, users and stakeholders and generate approval 
  • You have outstanding communication skills (written and spoken)
  • You possess experience of modern working methods (agile, lean, anticipatory) 
  • You think strategically and systemically and possess methodical skills (e.g. UX /  design thinking methods)
  • You have keen perception and excellent abstract reasoning skills
  • You have innovative strength, business acumen and vision

Your benefits

  • Agile teams and flat hierarchies
  • Hybrid working from wherever you have an Internet connection
  • Flexible working hours that suit your workflow
  • Responsibility from day one
  • Creative freedom for your ideas
  • Free choice in terms of your hardware
  • Your VRS JobTicket


Growing together

With our group, a huge ecosystem of customers, partners and companies is available to us. We already have ten years of experience in payment and banking. We can already handle digital and corporate start-ups for commerce and fulfilment. Now we are building a modern, innovative and scalable payment platform – by retailers for retailers. Make your mark with us. Let’s work together on equal terms and be part of the team that rethinks payment in Europe.


Product Owner (m/f/d)

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